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Falklands hotel in International business mentoring scheme

Falklands hotel in International business mentoring scheme with Cornwall, UK, renowned hotelier

August 26 2016

Falkland Islands Development Corporation (FIDC) has announced the launch the first of their International Business Mentoring Scheme partnerships, in the pairing of Stanley’s Waterfront Hotel owner Alex Olmedo with highly successful UK hotelier Marian Trevillion of Cornwall’s Mount Haven Hotel.

The business mentoring programme is part of FIDC’s free and impartial business guidance to start up, growth and established enterprises here in the Falkland Islands. This new initiative links up Islands businesses to the expert personal guidance of overseas successes - especially those which have experienced and come through the many challenges of growing in competitive international markets.

From today, Alex Olmedo will have a number of opportunities over the coming year to draw on the wisdom of Marian who, with her family, has taken the Mount Haven over 16 years from a full-scale renovation project to a renowned success – with TV appearances, loyal international clients for its boutique rooms, spa facilities and award-winning restaurant.

Here in Stanley, Falkland Islands capital, Alex took over the Waterfront in 2008 and following a first refit and opening its popular café bar, is now embarked on a renovation and upgrade of the guest rooms for an international-class ‘boutique’ experience for locals and the international trade. The International Mentoring sessions - guided by FIDC Development Officer Gordon Ackroyd - will take place over Skype, and form part of FIDC’s enterprise support package including their Development Team’s in-house mentoring for loan and grant recipients, training courses, workshops and one-to-one business advice sessions.

Gordon Ackroyd says: “Mentoring is a powerful business support tool, which works well for both parties. Host entrepreneurs can gain an opportunity for international networking, and our new entrepreneurs here will build their capacity, learning from practical experience and a fresh perspective. We look for an ideal match of aspirations to realised ambitions. Our international mentors generously give their time to help Falklands businesses”.

Alex Olmedo says: “We are very excited to gain experience from this International Mentoring as we enter a new phase of development. By sharing and learning from a well-established and successful boutique hotel in the UK, and with FIDC guidance, we will build a robust and attractive business”.

Marian Trevillion says: “We are delighted to help a Falkland Islands business in an exciting new venture. Managing a hotel to success means you have to have eyes on everything, all the time. We hope to pass on some lessons learned” . The Waterfront Hotel and Kitchen Cafe is for locals and visitors to enjoy a contemporary social hub in a relaxed and picturesque setting. The revamped ‘boutique’ hotel aims to give high standards of service with a unique personal touch. The management and staff are preparing themselves for this challenge with training and mentoring and have followed closely the recommendations of FITB’s Accreditation Accommodation Scheme.

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