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Malcorra promises 'respectful' co-operation over Falklands

Susana Malcorra promises 'respectful' co-operation over Falklands

By J. Brock (FINN)

According to Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor for the Guardian, Foreign minister Susana Malcorra says she wants to end era of confrontation over the Falklands. She said that the Argentine claim over the Falklands will be sustained, but as part of the approach of a good neighbour.’ This would be in consideration of resuming direct flights to and from the Falklands Islands and a joint UK-Argentine exploration of hydrocarbons around the Islands.

She made no mention of the 1999 agreement between The UK and Argentina with reference to the “Special Area of Co-operation” that was enshrined in it. Indeed the reason for abandoning that section of the agreement (Fisheries Co-operation was also suspended) was that the government had changed and that section of the agreement was no longer recognised. Indeed Argentina has imposed economic sanctions against the Falkland Islands.

However, the UK Government in response has requested that the Argentine Government dismantles the sanctions regime against the oil and gas and fishing industries in the Falkland Islands but so far there have been no discussions.

One could question why Argentina feels that walking on both sides of the street would improve their track record in respect of keeping promises – especially ones forged between Britain and Argentina in respect of the Falklands.

To say the track record is poor is putting it mildly as it began with Argentina’s revocation of: “The Convention between the Argentine Confederation for the Settlement of Existing Differences and the Re-establishment of Friendship,” signed in Buenos Aires on the 24th of November 1849 and ratified on 15 May 1850, by the Peron regime some 90 years later. The turn-around on subsequent treaties/agreements has been a lot quicker.

Argentina included in their 1994 constitution their sovereignty claim over the Falklands. Indeed, this is a breach of UN Resolution 31/49 of 1976.

3. Requests that the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to expedite the negotiations concerning the dispute over sovereignty as requested in General Assembly Resolutions 2065 (XX) and 3160 (XXVIII);

4. Calls upon the two parties to refrain from taking decisions that would imply introducing unilateral modifications in the situation while the Islands are going through the process recommended in the above mentioned Resolutions;”

You could say that the 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina also breached the aforementioned UN Resolutions as well.

Islanders simply do not trust the Argentine Foreign Minister to keep her word, given the fiasco over continental shelf claims, etc.

Perhaps the UK Minister, Sir Alan Duncan, who will be in Buenos Aires next week, will provide more information after he concludes his visit.

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