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Adjournment: The Hon Mr Michael Poole, MLA 160825)

The Hon Mr Michael Poole, MLA 160825):

Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I, too, would like to wish good luck and congratulations to those who received results this morning and for those who received their “A” Level results last week as well. Again, there were some very good results.

I would like to add my congratulations to Mrs Karen Lee and Mr Roger Lorton for the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour they were awarded last week. It was well deserved by both of them.

A couple of months ago I mentioned the intention to mark the anniversary of our twinning of the town of Whitby in Yorkshire. There was an event held 10 days or so ago and I would like to thank James Marsh and Christine Ormond and Vicki Chater for having organised that. We exchanged paintings of our respective Whalebone Arches. The painting that they have gifted to the Falkland Islands is now here and I believe the intention is to show it ere in the Town Hall in due course so people will be made aware of that once it is up.

Finally, Mr Speaker, I would like to mention that we had a very interesting discussion in the Environment Committee last week around a draft policy paper looking at the concept of energy efficiency within the Falkland Islands Government. And this is something I think Executive Council has been pushing for a number of years.

I think there is a feeling across the Assembly that we don’t do enough and we need to set a much better example for the rest of the Islands. And I hope this is a small step in trying to formalise that. A lot of it is as simple as giving guidance on heating and lighting and such but it also looks to set a wider policy direction around investing in more energy-efficient lighting generally – improving double and triple glazing – that kind of thing. Hopefully these are some pretty positive steps. It does need to come to Executive Council in Due course.

It will inevitably have some budget implications but I think the political will is there and the budget discussion could be had in Budget Select Committee early next year when that commences.

Thank you Mr Speaker, I support the Motion.

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