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Falkland Archery’s Festive Christmas Turkey Shoot

Falkland Archery’s Festive Christmas Turkey Shoot

Mike McLeod

The last shoot of 2014 for the archery club was the annual Turkey Shoot sponsored by Seafish Chandlery. This is a fun shoot on 6 targets at various distances ranging from 10 to 40m with a Turkey pinned on each target. 6 arrows are shot at a bird scoring 15 for a kill, 10 a fatal wounding and 5 for a hit and then you move on to the next one which is at a different range, the whole thing being repeated twice. This is perhaps a good time to point out we were shooting at paper targets supplied by the Clubs President- Mr Justin McPhee. No real turkeys were harmed during this shoot!. It was also Steve Gills last shoot with the Club as he and his wife are departing the Islands for pastures new. All members of the Club and attendees of the Clubs quiz nights will miss Steve and wish him and his family well for the future. The day started off lovely, calm and bright with many fearing being sun burnt but by the end of the shoot, we were all rather wet with the heavens opening for the last hour of the shoot. The 10m and the 40m proved to be the hardest birds to hit with very few getting the 40m bird, perhaps the odd hail stone in the eye put a few off their aim. Connor McLeod and Jack Cartwright fought a close contest with Jack turning out the eventual winner beating Connor by just 5 points and taking home the Poisson’s to his mother to cook. Steph Thain claimed the ladies prize of a Chicken and was not far behind the gents in her score. Mike McLeod used the compound bow to great advantage and pulled out a 115 point lead over the gents shooting recurve bows even though he was shooting his lighter indoor arrows which catch more wind at the longer ranges. Still, he was able to claim the much prized turkey for Christmas lunch. The top recurve 3 gents were separated by just 25 point making it a very close event for them with Steve Cartwright coming out on top. Steve Gill borrowed a bow for his last two shoots including this one and discovered that it was to his liking and beat his son Nat by nearly doubling Nats score. To be fair Nat has not shot much of late due to a shoulder problem caused by a cycle accident. The Club would like to thank Seafish Chandlery for the generous sponsorship of all of the prizes and Nevil in particular for his continued support of the event and the Club. Juniors Ladies Gents Jack Cartwright 105 Steph Thain 260 Mike McLeod 435 Connor McLeod 100 Steve Cartwright 320 Justin McPhee 300 Mark Lewis 295 Steve Gill 225 Nat Gill 135

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