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By J. Brock (FINN)

The Falkland Islands Government has outsourced postal services to the private sector. In order to make all the necessary arrangements prior to the privatisation launch date of 1st August 2014, there will be some restrictions to services provided by the Post Office and the Philatelic Bureau over the coming weeks.

Falklands Post Service Ltd will take over postal operations and the company hopes to alter and improve access to mailboxes over the first six months of operations as well as make improvements to the customer experience of the Philatelic Bureau.

These improvements will require remodelling and refurbishment to be carried out, and this is best achieved whilst the area is closed. The new service-provider hopes to keep disruption to customers at a minimum, and the following measures will be put in place:

Saturday 12th July – Monday 4th August: Philatelic Bureau will be closed to the public. Overseas orders will continue to be processed, and local customers can access philately via the main Post Office counter.

Monday 28th July – Thursday 31st July: The Post Office will be open on reduced hours, between 08:00 – 11:00 and 15:30 – 16:30 daily, to allow for mail to be posted and collected. Overseas airmail will be available for collection between 15:30 and 16:30.

From 1st August, Falklands Post Service Ltd will have airmail available for collection from 08:00, rather than 14:30 as is the current procedure.

Dr Andrea Clausen, Director of Falklands Post Service Ltd is enthusiastic about the company’s future: “I am very pleased to have reached the final stages of this FIG-led outsourcing project, and would like to thank all those who have supported me along the way. My new team and I are very much looking forward to delivering an improved postal and philatelic service to all of our customers from 1st August onwards.”

MLA Ian Hansen, portfolio holder for postal services, confirmed that the final contract between FIG and Falklands Post Service Ltd would be finalised in the coming week, and welcomed the changes: “I’m sure that Andrea and the team at Falklands Post Service Ltd will provide an excellent service for our community, and I wish them the very best in their new venture. I’d like to extend my thanks to Director of Central Services, Simon Fletcher, for all his hard work in moving the outsourcing project forward, and to the staff at the Post Office and Philatelic Bureau for their dedication and professionalism during this period of change.

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