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Legislative Assembly 24 April 2014 Part 4

Legislation and Motion for Adjournment Speeches

Compiled and transcribed by J Brock (FINN)

The Fishery products Amendment Bill 2014:

This Bill has been published in the Gazette and required a second reading.

PR: Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, This Bill amends the Fisheries Productions Amendment Order 21 of 2006 to give effect to the recommendations from an EU Audit of the Fishing Industry in the Falkland islands in September 2012, which noted certain deficiencies in the Fisheries Legislation.

In summary the Bill makes four changes to the Fishery Products ordinance: 1. The Bill replaces all references in the Ordinance to the relevant community legislation with relevant EU Legislation. This change is terminology which was introduced in the EU in 2012. But Falkland Islands Fisheries Legislation was not amended at that time. 2. The Bill replaces the definition of Fishery Products with a new definition so it currently falls into line with the current definition in the EU Legislation. 3. The Bill repeals or replaces Section 27 of the Ordinance to replace references to European Community with European Union. 4. The Bill repeals or replaces section 35 of the Ordinance which deals with the designation of vessels, establishments and installations for the purposes of EU Legislation and Falkland Islands regulations implementing EU Legislation. Currently Section 35 specifies dispatch Centres, Factory Vessels, Fishery products establishments and Purification Centres as defined categories of vessels, establishments and installations, which can be designated. The replacement version of Section 35 will allow for the definitions of vessels, establishments and installations to be updated in line with EU Legislation as it changes.

If the bill is passed it will enable the making of the following set of regulations, drafts of which will be considered by Executive Council in due course. The Regulations to be made are: 1. Fishery product Hygiene Amendment Regulations 2. Fishery Products Vessels Establishments and Installations Regulations 3. Fishery Products Designations Order

I beg that the Bill be red a second time.

IH: Mr Speaker, I second the Motion.

There was no debate and the Bill was dealt with by short procedure and passed.


Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mr Michael Poole, MLA

Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members I would just like to begin by officially thanking the Acting Governor for his work in the recent weeks and we look forward to welcoming our new Governor at the beginning of next week.

As people will be aware it has been mentioned a couple of times we are currently about half way through the next financial years budget process which is quite a challenge. I think we expected it to be so but from my prospective it has been even more difficult than I imagined. We had a few good years in terms of income from oil related revenues and good Illex revenues over the past two or three years as well. But there are no guarantees that will continue into the future. From a personal prospective I think the most challenging thing I find in the budget is trying not to over-reach. Naturally you want to include as much as you can but we need to do it sustainably. Somebody reminded me just the other day that Falkland Islands people dont expect Government to solve every problem. We cant afford to do that anyway. They wouldnt want us to and I constantly remind myself of that.

I did hear on a TV show the other day that there are two types of politicians. There is the type that wants to say YES and the type that wants to say NO. Wanting to say YES isnt a sign of irresponsibility, imprudence or inexperience. It is also not a sign of weakness as some people may suggest. If an idea has value then the natural response to it is to say YES and ask how to do it, trying to find a way of achieving it. If there are financial barriers or practical barriers to saying YES you have to go back to people and say it is not possible.

In reference to the Islands Plan hopefully the Islands plan reflects that we are a Government that would want to say YES to things. Weve got quite an ambitious programme and hopefully we will reflect that in this up-coming years budget and the next three years budgets as well.

In terms of prioritising Capital Expenditure in particular, as has been mentioned we have the public meeting on the 1st of May. I would like to see a wide range of people there as it will be a very interesting debate.

Thank you Mr Speaker, I support the Motion.

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mr Ian Hansen, MLA

Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I wasnt here for the last Legislative Assembly. I was overseas. I would like to briefly touch upon the trip myself and Emily Hancox made to the Caribbean.

The first couple of days were spent in St Lucia at a Small States Debate and although that was very interesting and there was a lot of networking done, some of the things werent particularly relevant to the Falklands.

I wont go on too much about this because there has been coverage of it but the visit to Trinidad was extremely successful and some very important links were made. The Trinidad people seem to have the same attitude as the Falkland Islands people in that they look at something and see how it can be done as opposed to how it cant be. We found that very interesting. They have a huge amount of expertise concerning oil exploration and exploitation. They have been in the business for many, many years. And they were very helpful in offering their services to us in training not just in the oil business but they have some very significant and capable training facilities in Trinidad. I was very impressed with what we saw. As I say I think there were some very good links made there and we are in the process of maintaining those links. We hope that later on this year we will see a visit from some people from that area.

Closer to home yesterday the Honourable Roger Edwards, the Honourable Gavin Short and I visited the Abattoir. I have to say it has been quite a few years since I was there and had a look around inside the place. The thru-put since I was there last has grown considerably. And the way it is run is really quite impressive if anybody gets the chance to go out there and have a look. I was pretty impressed and I am sure my Colleagues were as well.

Mr Speaker thats all I have to say today and I support the Motion.

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mr Roger Edwards, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable Colleagues in rising to support the Motion for Adjournment I would first like to start by mentioning the School Careers Fair that took place in the Sports hall last week. I must say I was very impressed by both the turn-out and the enthusiasm of the young people there. I must say I have great faith in our youngsters and I am sure they will respond to the companies and things that put up their trade stands at the careers fair. It is not just something that should happen on a Wednesday afternoon, in the Sports Hall. Careers for our young people should be on-going and they should be supported all the way through. And I would hope that all those who had stands and things there follow it through and keep in touch with the Youngsters who did show a little speck of interest perhaps and say we saw you had a bit of interest there and maybe you should come back and have a day with us rather than organised weeks. But careers matter and the Falkland Islands need our own youngsters to become qualified and come back and fill the posts here. So I cant stress that enough.

There was some comment about the Police standing around with their sub machine guns, side arms and riot shields, night sticks and things but by golly did they ever have a bunch of youngsters around. It generated enthusiasm. So whether it was right or wrong to have Police in the School, I dont know. But it did engender enthusiasm, much the same as the Fire Brigade. There was a wonderful one there. They took off a jacket and helmet and there was this little lad. He couldnt have been more than about 3ft tall. First of all they put on a huge firemans coat so he almost disappeared. They then put on a helmet and he completely disappeared. But he was thrilled to be there taking part so I do congratulate everyone who took part in that careers fair. And I think it was summed up by a representative of one of our local oil companies here when he said it would put any number of schools in the UK to shame to see the enthusiasm and so on there. So very well done to all the organisers and all those who bothered to take time out, set up stands and offer advice to those youngsters. Well done all.

My next subject is the Park homes that caused quite a debate at the public meeting on Tuesday evening. I have since discovered that no windows were removed to take out the white goods that were removed from those cabins. Some of them are leaking around the windows and doors. But thats not because they removed them to take the white goods out. However, it has come to my attention subsequent to the public meeting and I hope to goodness that it is not true and I have passed the information on to a couple of my Colleagues who are going to follow it up. But I have been told that some of the higher specification cabins with double bedrooms and en-suite shower rooms and so on which were brought in to help with our contractor accommodation shortage I am told that one locum who is here for only a very brief period refused to go in there and so is now housed in a hotel for the month they are here. I hope thats not right and I am sure my colleagues will come back to me with whether that is true or not.

But we have heard that we have a very difficult situation regarding the budget and so on and we cant be seen to be spending money unwisely putting people in hotels when we have these Park Homes available to a higher specification. They are good enough for the locals, they should be good enough for the contractors.

My Honourable Colleague Ian Hansen has mentioned our visit yesterday to the Abattoir. And I thank the General Manager, John Ferguson for taking time out to show us around. We had quite a discussion about boils and hatch door and other things that one does when speaking of animals in the Abattoir. But it was quite a surprise when we saw the animals lined up and the difference in quality between the animals. I believe that getting the animals fit to go to the Abattoir and getting the fat score right, aiming for one score above what you need to deliver to the Abattoir and the matter over the huge number of boils that seem to be appearing at the Abattoir at the moment does need further discussion and I know that the Department of Agriculture, the Abattoir and everyone involved are setting up a series of meetings to discuss those things and I hope that its going to go forward.

I, too, would like to say thank you very much to John Duncan and Ann Marie for their brief visit here to the Islands. I think he has done a wonderful job and has made quite a mark on the Islands.

At the last Assembly meeting I congratulated the Commander British Forces for him going out and visiting the Camp, the Settlements and so on and I would like to say thank you very much to John Duncan as well, who did the same thing. In his very brief period he found time to get out and travel around the roads on both the East and West Falklands to attend the dog trials and so on and the feedback is very positive. I can say again and again and again please get out and find out what the Falkland Islands is all about. The Falkland Islands are not the main street in Stanley.

And I will end by reminding everyone I know it has been mentioned several times before but we have this public discussion in an open meeting on the Capital Programme on Thursday evening next and I really encourage everyone to please come along and put your point of view forward.

Mr Speaker, I support the Motion.

Motion for Adjournment Speech by Dr the Honourable Barry Elsby, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I would like to strongly support what my Honourable Colleague Roger Edwards has just said about how successful the Fair was at the Community School recently. He is absolutely right. It is not just an afternoon its an ongoing process and the Education Department is developing an ongoing career progress linking in all the years and then linking other people when they go overseas. And again I would like also to praise the people who supported it and to the people who turned up to put on a good show.

I am afraid I have in mind something that one of our staff at Gilbert House told me this morning as I left for this meeting. She said, remember anything you say I have to type up so I am going to keep my comments brief.

Thank you.

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mrs Phyl Rendell, MLA

Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable members, In rising to support the Motion I am taking the same theme as my Honourable Michael Poole has done. For both of us its our first budget and that really is preoccupying my mind a great deal at the moment. I really do not underestimate the magnitude of the deliberations we are undertaking currently and the decisions that weve got to take in the next few weeks. And I understand that those decisions will impact on the lives of the people of the Falkland Islands.

Quite frankly we have got quite a healthy economy and we look forward to further revenue from oil exploration in the next year and hopefully further revenues in the future. So we have to plan and prepare. I am very pleased to see how much the departments are doing just that planning and preparing for the what ifs and the whens. It is absolutely vital that we address the issues and have procedures in place to embrace a new and exciting industry.

But we also have to manage the growth of the recurrent budget and I think this is really what we are wrestling with currently. We started two or three days in Select Committee. We had a break we have a look at things again the week after next. And I think we have to be really careful that we dont have major increases in the recurrent budget that are not sustainable because its going to be much more difficult to undo things than put them in situ in the first place. So this is really taxing my mind currently.

I think we all do and I do want to maintain high standards of service particularly in Health and Education but we have to make sure that other areas of Government are not left so far behind and I think that really is an issue for us. We might have first world services in some areas but if we leave the rest of Government services behind and put all our emphasis in certain areas, I think we would be doing a disservice to everybody.

And we do also need to support those departments that are working on growth in the economy, particularly my portfolios, fisheries and agriculture particularly fisheries. That is the key regulator in the department that insures we have a healthy income from the fishery resource. At the last legislative Assembly Meeting I was very pleased to report on the success of the Illex catches and thats continued. And that is to be welcomed. We know that it is very much a variable and cant be relied upon.

Many of my colleagues have referred to the Capital budget we are going to be looking at in due course and I really do look forward to the feedback from the public about what they see as the priorities and I think inevitably we already have a list that is far too long for this Assembly to address. We need to look long-term and look to see which projects we can start now and those which we have to delay so there will be disappointments and difficult choices. We only have a finite amount of money and our communitys expectations are very high and it will take time to deliver those capital projects.

But I warmly encourage people to give us their views on what they think of the priorities.

Mr Speaker I support the Motion.

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mr Gavin Short, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I actually leap to my feet with joy in my heart today. When I was first re-elected I remember some of my Colleagues sitting down in this little group and saying in this House we shall not repeat what has been said before, we shall not make comment on it. And today I hear each one of us merrily breaking that. And I am happy because right from the start I did not believe in curtailing the freedom of speech in this House which was what was being done so I hope that this long continues in this vein.

First of all I am going to join in in breaking the rules. I only have a meagre amount but on the budget I am probably a bit more chilled than some of those that spoke before so being an old hand I have seen this. In my very first budget session I came out of the first day very much suicidal thinking we were doomed. And you get the same thing every year and yet in the end you come out with a very good budget that keeps essential services running, delivers projects in the Capital side which of course drives money into the economy and keeps things going. I dont think this year is going to be any different from the ones that have gone before in all honesty. So I think we will get there.

The Honourable Roger Edwards said and rightly so that Stanley is not the Falklands. You need to get out there. So I would say that I will be crossing the pond again this weekend. I am going to the West so I hope it doesnt upset the weather any more than it is already.

As I say I have only got a very meagre amount because I thought I wasnt allowed to comment on anything much.

Its mostly PWD type things. I am happy and indeed grateful to the PWD lads and lasses for continuing their clean-up campaign around Stanley during the winter. And in case anyone has missed it I would like to give it a plug. It was out in last weeks Penguin News. It basically says that the PWD Highways continues to provide a free service for the removal of personal and residential heavy waste that an individual cannot remove themselves. This service does not apply to the commercial industrial waste. And if you want more information then give Sally Minto a shout on 27387. Basically if anyone has old vehicles, they can certainly take advantage of this offer I would urge them to call that number.

It was a subject that came up on face-book during the run-up to last years elections about the state of some peoples yards. Obviously its for people themselves to make that call. You cant take a dislike to somebodys yard and call PWD and have them take away somebody elses valuable goods away.

On the same vein I was actually happy to receive an e-mail from Tim Miller yesterday saying that this afternoon, in fact, the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be out and about between 2 and 4 and they will be zooming around town pulling out thistles and any other weeds that get in their way. Apparently they can earn their Scout environmental badge by doing this so I think we should see a few keen fellows out there today going for it.

I take my hat off to them and hope they have a great time. I am sure that all in the House will wish the Beavers, Scouts and all the rest the best for their endeavours but I would also like to thank all those involved with these and other groups who give up large amounts of their time to making sure that youngsters have something positive to do should they wish to join those particular groups.

I was rather disappointed to learn that somebody from Conservation I believe we have somebody down from invasive species unit or something at Q was unavailable to give the kids a chat about the invasive species as we should never lose any opportunity to enthuse our youngsters about the wonderful, natural environment. That surrounds them. And indeed the invasive species like thistles are really getting a hold in the Stanley area and other parts of the Falklands. And if not checked will indeed change the landscape of the Falklands.

Alas I do find myself being drawn inexorably back towards this thought again. I have heard that thistles are under control but certainly based on the evidence that I gained as I walked through the whole of town a few weeks ago now I certainly would beg to differ with that opinion.

I know that a contractor has sprayed quite a bit of Stanley now for the PWD. Seed still has to be taken away in some areas and I know also that the PWD crew also have been out trying to do their best to get rid of the things as well. I would ask once again that private property owners join in in trying to get rid of these things. I think it will take about two years concerted effort to try and get back to where we were before things really did slip this year.

So with that Sir I will sit down and thank you very much.

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I would like to reinforce what others have said about the difficult task we have in completing the budget.

And I would like to add that we have to be careful not to be seen giving with one hand and taking with the other. But as others have very correctly said whatever we have to do must be sustainable. And like the Honourable Gavin Short, I know we will get there. We always do.

Those of us who already have white hair wont be troubled but those who havent will have gained a few white hairs by the end of it.

As has been mentioned next week we have a meeting on the Capital Programme. And we see at public meetings that the vast majority of the electorate are not able or dont wish to attend public meetings and speak out on these issues. So I would urge them to contact Members individually with their questions and their views on this and on whatever other matters that they have strong views on. Otherwise there is a danger that minority views widely expressed can be seen to be representative of the views of the whole community. So I would urge you to continue as you do. Stop us on the Street, in the shop, telephone us but not too late at night, please, take advantage of the Thursday meetings. And remember if those are not convenient - and as from May they will be one to one meetings with a single Member just a phone call to Gilbert House is all you need to set up a meeting with a Member of your choice. We do welcome interest and we are committed to representing you fairly.

I support the Motion.


Honourable Members the House Stands adjourned Accordingly.

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