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By J. Brock (FINN)

A general election was held in the Falklands on 07 November 2013, with 16 candidates vying for eight seats on the legislative Assembly. There were five candidates for three Camp seats and eleven candidates for five Stanley seats.

Running for election in Camp were Phyl Rendell, Ian Hansen, Roger Edwards, Melanie Gilding and Sharon Halford. Candidates in the Stanley Constituency were Teslyn Barkman, Candy Blackley, Lynn Buckland, Norman Besley Clark, Faith Felton, Michael Poole, Gavin Short and Mike Summers.

Phyl Rendell with 204 votes, Roger Edwards with 162 votes and Ian Hansen with 129 votes are the elected Members of legislative Assembly for the Camp constituency. Melanie Gilding received 124 votes and Sharon Halford received 56 votes.

In Camp a total of 675 votes were cast representing 85.2% of the eligible voters casting a ballot. There were 40 postal votes and 1 spoilt ballot.

75.4% of the eligible voters in the Stanley Constituency turned out with 1034 ballots, 3 spoiled ballot papers and 15 postal votes.

Michael Poole with 957 votes, Barry Elsby with 893 votes, Gavin Short with 544 votes, Mike Summers with 719 votes and Jan Cheek with 333 votes were elected as members of Legislative Assembly for the Stanley Constituency.

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