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Madam Deputy Speaker, Honourable Members, in rising to support the Motion for Adjournment, I, too would like to wish Richard Cockwell well and to thank Sharon Halford for volunteering to assume this history making position as Speaker to the House.

At the Start of this Assembly one of our Members was chastised by the Governor for urging people to break the rules regarding telecommunications in the Islands. We are elected and become members of the Legislative Assembly. We make legislation. If we dont like the legislation, we are in a position to change it. We should never encourage anyone to break that law or be forced to break that law. And that was my position on the designation of Camp Tracks. I believed, and I was a lone voice at the time, that to introduce this legislation we would be criminalising many of those in the Camp Community and I did not support it from the day one.

I was delighted that I had some more colleagues come aboard and agree with me that that was not the right way forward. In this House on the 25th of July, I reported that EXCO had made a majority decision to forward Road Designation to this, the final meeting of the Legislative Assembly. I also reported we were to hold a further meeting the following week with members and officers to discuss possible alternatives. As a result of that meeting new proposals were discussed and a new Exco paper was produced whereby the Road Designation Bill would not be moved at this meeting. And indeed listeners of this programme or this debate would have heard the Chief Executive not move that paper.

When I came to this meeting this morning I was wearing a black tie. When it was finally decided not to move that paper forward, I changed into a bright pink tie. When we have television in this House then they will be able to see how bright and cheerful it is.

It will now be up to the new Assembly after the November election to decide which parts of the Road Traffic Ordinance will be taken forward by regulation rather than legislation.

I would like to thank my Honourable Colleagues for their support in this matter. And I think it shows a certain maturity amongst the body of this Assembly to see that there were alternatives even at this, the 11th hour of this Assembly.

I think we leave the Falkland Islands in a much stronger position, particularly public diplomacy where we have certainly countered the political lies and threats by Argentina and we have spread the message about the Falklands across the world.

I am, tomorrow, Air-bridge allowing, off to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association with my Colleague, Barry Elsby where we will be able to further that fight back against Argentine propaganda.

I would like to associate my support, too, with that expressed by my Colleague, Mike Summers regarding Gibraltar and thank them for their continued support as we support them.

Regarding Policy, if members of the public feel the policy is wrong then that is down to us. We make policy; our civil service support us by administering that policy. So if Members of the public feel the policy is wrong then we should be blamed, not the Administration.

And I would like to thank the Administration across the board for their tireless help and advice and assistance that we have had over the years the four years of this Assembly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this Council. At times I have showed passion and remorse at other times, unlike the others who are saying we mustnt mention the November election.

I will be standing in November and hope to be able to once again represent you, the people of the Falkland Islands. Admire the way the people of the Falklands express their views, how they support the Islands when overseas; and how many times have I said I think our future is secure because of the quality shown by our youngsters. They should be thoroughly proud each and every one of them.

Madam Speaker, I support the Motion for Adjournment.

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