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Madam Speaker, Honourable members, it seems as though I spent little time in this House during the course of this year and little time in the Falklands. And for that I apologise to those who I have a duty to represent. But it is part of the public diplomacy process that my Honourable Colleagues have mentioned and in the central part of our work.

Its also been for the reason I led the Team to Bermuda for the Island Games which I think was hugely successful and all those young people represented us particularly well. I have been in the last couple of weeks to the Glasgow Commonwealth Federation meetings which included a two-day meeting with the Commonwealth Sports Development Conference.

And that conference has produced a new Charter for the involvement of young people in sport which I hope to introduce to the Government in due course in one guise or another because it provides a focus for the importance of sport for the development of young people for the continual health of older people and for the bringing together of people in teamwork and community spirit so I will be bringing that forward.

To anybody who feels I havent been sufficiently active in domestic matters I can only apologise and hope that it is counter-balanced by the other things that it has been necessary to do.

This is a time to look forward rather than backwards, I think. And we are in for a period of very extensive change in the Falklands. For all of those who hope the Falklands in 20 or 30 years time we will have 3,000 people and one small town that will have no money, I dont think it will be like that. The advent of our hydrocarbons industry will change the Falklands I think will change the community and to some extent the nature of the community. The task for the new Councils going forward will ensure that that is done with sensitivity and the sensibility and to make sure that the things that Dr Barry Elsby talked about in a previous meeting are what we value in our community are maintained and not destroyed.

So there will be change. The changes to the structure of the Legislative Assembly will also bring changes and I hope they are all positive. There is lots and lots of work to do yet to make sure that it is all positive.

And I think one of the things I can see coming out of it will be most useful to us all is that it should and I hope it will speed up the decision making process or enable us as a government to move more quickly on things that are urgent and important. And there are issues we had hoped to deal with in this Legislative Assembly that we had also hoped to deal with in the last Legislative Assembly and indeed the one before. Of course if they were easy they would be done easily but some of them are just not easy. But anyway, theres a lot to look forward to.

I too would like to commend Andy Pollard for the work that he has done on behalf of Agriculture in the Falkland Islands. I think its a great shame that he is leaving us at this time. We all understand the need for continued personal development amongst our young people. There is still an urgent need, as we recognised recently to make more effort in assisting young people to achieve their objectives through training and continuous personal development, so I would like to thank Andy for the work that hes done and hes contributed to Agriculture in the Falklands and he brought in many ways a breath of fresh air with the knowledge that he has gained.

I would like to complete my address to the House today by sending my regards and support to the people of Gibraltar in difficult times. I had the pleasure of talking at great length to the Gibraltarian delegation both at the Island Games and at the Commonwealth Games meetings and to offer our support from there. And I very much welcome views that the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State have taken in public towards the aggressive bullying by Spain over the people of Gibraltar very much mirroring what happens here in the attitudes that are express in respect of the Falkland Islands.

Democracy is important. Democracy does matter and ultimately Democracy will triumph. So our kind regards to the people of Gibraltar and I hope it all works out for them as they would wish.

Madam Speaker, I support the Motion.

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