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Madam Speaker, Honourable members, I will be very brief today not least because the final address made at any final Assembly Meeting always has the danger of being perceived as an election speech so I will try to avoid that, hoping to be more bland than usual perhaps. I would like to thank the Honourable Sharon Halford for standing in today as Deputy Speaker and also congratulate you on making history our first female Speaker and first MLA to fill the position. I would also like to wish Richard Cockwell a speedy recovery. I am really sorry he didnt get to be a deputy speaker for a day.

I would also like to thank all the heads of departments that I have worked with over the last two years and shared portfolio responsibilities with not just those heads of department I have had portfolio responsibilities for but also the heads of department I had as a second MLA responsible for.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Senior Agricultural Advisor, Andrew Pollard who, after 12 years of service for the Department of Agriculture is finishing at the end of this month and I would wish him well for the future.

While I am thanking people I must thank Claudette and Cherie at Gilbert House for all the work they have done over this entire Assembly but certainly the help they have given me over the last two years. As usual its been of the highest of standards.

I think the achievements of the past four years have been quite significant. I am not going to run through them all but certainly one that stands out to me is the fact that the public diplomacy move has been concentrated on the last four years. Certainly over the last two or three anyway its been really quite successful and in some ways rather a brave and controversial move but I believe it has paid off.

The Honourable Jan Cheek and I will shortly be heading off to attend all the Party Conferences and, of course by the time we return in early October the dissolution of this Assembly will have happened.

Madam Speaker, thats all I am going to say today. I just wish everybody who whoever the new assembly is I wish them all the best. And I do hope there are many people out there who are considering putting their names forward.

Madam Speaker, I beg to support the Motion for Adjournment.

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