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Falklands Referendum: 92% Turn-out

Falklands Referendum: 92% Turn-out

By J. Brock (FINN)

Despite cold, blowy and sometimes snowy weather, 92% of the registered voters in the Falkland Islands cast a ballot in the Referendum.

Heldd over Sunday and Monday, the vote featured a carnival atmosphere complete with Road and Hiorse Riding demonstrations and people in fancy dress.

Graham France was the first to vote in Stanley at the Town Hall and Kevin Kilmartin at Bluff Cove was the first to vote in Camp.

Seventy percent of registered voters in Stanley voted on Sunday.

At 2133 hrs LMT on Monday, 11 March 2013 Mr Keith Padgett the Returning Officer announced that 92% of the registered voters cast a ballot with 1481 turning up on the day(s). 4 Proxy votes and 41 Poatal votes making 1519 out of 1650 registered voters casting a ballot.

The count is still going on and is expected to be completed between 2230 and 2300hrs.

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