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FALKLANDS - Dead Animals Discovered at Stanley Dairy


By J. Brock (FINN)

Friday 13 was aptly named for the news it brought for everyone in the Falklands who loves and cares for animals. Penguin News published an article about what PWD workers found at Stanley Dairy. Clearly this was disturbing and spoke louder than any good the dairy had done while the Reynolds’ were in charge.

On Saturday 07 February 2009 The Falkland Islands News Network received several phone calls with reference dead animals found at the Stanley Dairy. The seemingly far-fetched story was worth investigating to dispel any rumours or malice regarding petty jealousies that abounded with the business so e-mails and phone calls were made to relevant people. However there was no reply and in several cases when contacted through the week, the potential recipients of those e-mails said they did not receive them.

All of those contacted by phone got back with FINN to deny anything was wrong but other members of the public kept calling, saying that a dead calf was found and another person saying that two dead pigs were found. They also said that a police cordon was placed around buildings at the dairy.

Finally, on Friday – thanks to a PWD worker who will remain anonymous, photos were published in Penguin News and subsequently given to FINN backing up information received via phone.

According to the article the animals were found as PWD workers – tasked by the Falkland Islands Development Corporation – began site clearance. The new manager had not known of the dead animals though she had entered the container where they lay buried in dung.

Police were called by the concerned worker and the vet was notified. When contacted by Penguin News the vet Ms Zoe Luxton confirmed that the animals had been dead between one and three years and that the bodies were so decomposed it was impossible to establish their condition prior to death. She did say that they had not been shot in the head.

The article ends with a police statement that the former managers of the Stanley Dairy, Kevin and Leone Reynolds, were outside of Falklands jurisdiction and would not be questioned about the incident unless they returned to the Falklands.

The Falkland Islands Development Corporation granted the Reynolds’ £650,000.00 in respect of the dairy and part of the money was invested in raising pork as well as upgrading the dairy so that the improved milk and dairy products could be sold to the Military. The Reynolds’ were refused further funding and talks with the Military were suspended.

Thus far the Reynolds’ have not been contacted in Australia for their side of the story but it is thought they want to go into the dairy business in another country. Phone calls from members of the public indicate it might be the US or South Africa.

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