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Planning and Building Committee Report (12/02/07)



(By Graham France)

With almost double the number of new applications than last month, the committee had a busy agenda to follow and which was chaired as usual by councillor Richard Davies. Councillor Mike Rendell also attended as did other members Iain Berntsen, Gerald Cheek, Les Harris and Graham Middleton.

The meeting opened with words of welcome from councillor Davies to the new Environmental Planning Officer, Andrea Wright, who had just arrived in the Islands.

Following confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting, the committee looked at matters arising and were informed that Executive Council (ExCo) had approved their recommendations with regard to TV and radio aerials, for which the necessary legislation was currently being drafted. ExCo had also approved the Dockyard Development Brief with a recommendation that a working group be formed to guide its implementation.

It was reported that five persons had put their names forward to be considered for the vacant position as a Lay Member. These were to be reviewed in Part 2 (the closed session) of the meeting and the person chosen by the committee would then have their name referred to ExCo for endorsement.

Of three applications deferred at previous meetings, two had a similar decision given due to further information needed and the third, the construction of a hatchery demonstration unit on government land at Moody Brook was expected to be withdrawn, the applicant (Brendan Gara) having submitted an alternative proposal, to convert an existing agricultural operation to a demonstration site for freshwater and marine aquaculture at Grandad’s Gardens, Moody Valley, for which the committee gave their approval.

New applications

The first of the thirteen new applications to be reviewed was for the permanent consent to the siting of the Portakabin with a mono-pitched roof used as a retail shop known as “Sew What” at 5 Jersey Road for Tansy Newman. Such consent was granted, and conditional planning permission given to the following detailed proposals: the erection of a one-and-a-half storey office and store on land at 2 Brandon Road West for Sally Poncet – this followed outline consent granted earlier and is to be used as ancillary to the main dwelling on the site; a conservatory at 2 Racecourse Road East for Dilly Payne; the erection by the Public Works Department of a monument to MV Atlantic Conveyor at Cape Pembroke; Dick Sawle’s proposal to install a lift pump for sewage and replace the existing outfall to his property at Seaview Cottage on Ross Road East; the alterations to the existing access to improve off-street parking at 3a Brisbane Road for Basil Faria; and the erection of a new garage to replace the existing so as to improve access visibility to Callaghan Road at his property at 84 Davis Street for Tony Jaffray.

There were also a number of applications seeking permission in principle for development and the following received such consent subject to the standard outline planning conditions: the proposal to split the land at 14 Hansen Hill into two building plots by Daniel Biggs; the erection of a dwelling on land to the rear of 3 Brandon Road but with access off that road for Evan Jones; Roy Buckett’s proposal to split the property at 1 Davis Street East into two housing plots with the removal of the existing dwelling on that site; and the erection of two dwellings on land at 12 Dairy Paddock Road south of his existing house by Keith Dickson.

Just one “new” application was deferred, that of the siting of a Portakabin for storage at 3 Brandon Road West for Peter McKay. The earlier consent had now expired and members wished to know the intentions for its future use before granting any extension.

Alan Dawson, the Building Adviser, then moved on to present a brief report on applications he had reviewed for building permits, advising members that he still awaited further details on some before issuing such notice of approval to proceed with work.

The committee were then informed by the secretary, Fiona Wallace-Nannig, that no applications for off-street parking grants had been received since the last meeting, and the “open” session concluded with agreement being reached on the date and time of the next: Thursday, 8th March, commencing at 8.30am in the Liberation Room at the Secretariat.

Graham France 12th February 2007

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