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Falklands Forces Have A Vital Role To Play

Armed Forces Minister:

Falklands Forces have ‘Vital’ Role to Play

Operations in the Falklands might not be as high profile as those in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the British men and women serving there are vital for the protection of the Islands, the Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram told them today.


Visiting British Forces at Mount Pleasant, at the start of the 24th anniversary of operations to liberate the Falklands, Mr Ingram said:


“The British Forces in the Falklands may not get the media attention they do in Iraq or Afghanistan, but their continuing presence is vital. Despite all of our commitments elsewhere in the world, the protection and security of the Falklands remains a very high priority.


“I am very grateful to the men and women serving here, 8,000 miles from home, in this occasionally demanding but nonetheless welcoming environment. They are doing a superb job. We also benefit from valuable training opportunities which the Islands provide.”


As announced last week, British Forces will take part in commemorations to mark 25th anniversary of the Falkland Islands Conflict in 2007.


Mr Ingram is paying a 4-day visit to British Forces in the Falklands. He also visited the ships’ companies of HMS Dumbarton Castle and HMS Liverpool yesterday, 30 April.


During his visit to South America, Mr Ingram is also meeting with new Chilean and Brasilian Defence Ministers. He visited Vivianne Blanlot in Santiago on Friday 28 April and will meet Waldir Pires in Brasilia on Wednesday 3 May.


Veterans Minister, Don Touhig, announced that Armed Forces would participate in commemorations in the Falkland Islands being planned by the Falkland Islands Government in a written statement to the House of Commons on Thursday 27 April.


Don Touhig also announced commemorations will take place in the UK next year, including a parade, drum-head service and march past on Horse Guards Parade in London on Sunday 17 June. The focus will be on the veterans of the campaign, Mr Touhig said. The parade will follow the annual Service of Remembrance in the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne College, Berkshire, on Thursday 14 June.


For further information, please contact Liane Farrer at the Defence Press Office on 020 7218 1534.


Alternatively you may contact the MoD Press Office by e-mail at .

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