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FINN(COM) Daily Record: Monday, 05 December 2005



Compiled by J. Brock (FINN)





Section 1:  Articles by FINN and SARTMA


Section 2:  Committee News


Section 3:  Announcements



Section 1:




By J. Brock (FINN)


Listeria has, yet again, been found in milk from the Stanley Dairy.  Lab staff at the KEMH discovered it in the weekly sample they take from the herd.  The Chief Medical Officer would like to warn all pregnant women, people over 75, children under 5 and people with immune problems not to drink the milk until the all-clear is given.




By J. Brock (FINN)


Falklands Conservation have been busy lately with launching “A Visitor’s Guide to the Falkland Islands” by Debbie Summers and “Birds and Mammals of the Falkland Islands” by Robin Woods, Mrs Anne Woods and Mr. Alan Henry.  At a special reception held at the Beagle Bar at the Malvina House Hotel in Stanley on Monday night, the authors of both books were available to sign them for invited guests.


In his speech launching the books, Chairman of Falklands Conservation made mention of other travel writers wanting to copy the format that Debbie Summers used in her guide.  He also mentioned the outstanding work that was done on the “Birds and Mammals of the Falkland Islands” book and the detail that was put into every page.


In attendance was H. E. the Governor Mr. Howard Pearce, Councillors, Falklands Conservation Staff, the media, and business owners as well as other members of the public.  SeaLed PR did the organising, with punch for arriving guests and fish and chips wrapped in Penguin News for nibs.




An Editorial by J. Brock (FINN)


After the conflict, when people who shall remain nameless decided to have a bit of fun by damaging the Cape Pembroke Lighthouse, they didn’t realise the true cost of what they did to the Victorian era optics that were atop the tower.  The glass is almost irreplaceable but with research and money, the same kind of glass can be found.


Twenty three years has passed since the heady days following the conflict, when smashing seemingly abandoned buildings was the thing to do.  Chances are, the people who did the dirty on Falklands heritage are still alive and making enough money to help put things right.  This appeal is to them.


Would you at least do some research into the optics that you destroyed and anonymously send information to the Stanley Museum, Holdfast Road, Stanley, Falkland Islands, FIQQ 1ZZ.  Added to that, if you know what you damaged, why not contribute money to help replace it.  It’s the least you can do.




By J. Brock (SARTMA)


Recently H. E. the Governor Mr. Clancy of St. Helena, Officials from the US Auxiliary Base at Wide-awake Field, Administration Staff from Ascension Island as well as elected Councillors attended meetings on Ascension Island where the right of abode was discussed.  Apparently, it’s not going to happen.


The brief report did not go into other related issues and an answer to queries is being awaited.



Section 2:






By J. Brock (FINN)


A meeting of the Agricultural Advisory Committee took place in the Library at the Department of Agriculture at 1400hrs on Monday, 05 December 2005.  Present at the meeting were Cllr Ian Hansen (Chair) Cllr. Richard Stevens, Mrs. Phyl Rendell, Mr. Neil Judd, Mr. Jimmy Forrester, Mr. Justin Knight and Mr. Vick Epstein, the Senior Vet.  Miss G. King took the minutes.  There were no apologies for absence.  After declaration of interest and confirmation of the minutes of the meeting that was held on Wednesday, 14 September 2005 was signed and matters arising from the minutes were discussed.  Neil Judd reported that 120 Tonnes of rock phosphate had been delivered to the west and 120 to 130 tonnes were left in storage ready to be distributed.


The Director of Minerals and Agriculture, Mrs. Phyl Rendell, presented an extensive report about the Agriculture Department’s activities since the last meeting.  It covered the pasture improvement programme, Managed grazing trial work, meat and wool production workshops, bio-security awareness, staff changes and concerns about farm income.


Considerable discussion about replacement fencing concerned the fact that some farms had not erected fencing that had been granted to them in 1998-1999.  The materials, if not stored properly, would not be usable.  A paper on the matter was circulated and paying farmers and spouses for erecting their own fencing was discussed and put on hold until other matters were resolved.  Farmers are eligible for the Labour scheme and a grant of £1,000.00 per farm was discussed.  Nyree Heathman had produced an exhaustive database showing when and where replacement fencing had been distributed.


A paper on the National Beef Herd had been received that outlined its current position as well as long-term goals.  The herd had been transferred to White Rock on West Falkland, with 32 calves being born between 15 October and 30 April.  Nineteen cows were selected for the AI programme in 2005 and a proposed AI/ET programme for 2006 was outlined.  Along with the paper, a letter from the Falkland Islands Meat Company was discussed.  It was decided to invite expertise from the Meat Company to various committee meetings where it was needed byt not to have a permanent representative from FIMCO on the Committee.  It was hoped there would be a good exchange of knowledge and it was noted that perhaps the FIMCO Board could invite members of the Agricultural Advisory Committee to certain meetings where expertise was needed.


Animal identification tags brought considerable discussion, though no decisions were made.  The Australian system of tagging each time a sheep was moved was alluded to but seemed to be difficult to implement.  Another system of keeping the same tag and logging the number upon movement was discussed with it being suggested that spending money on tags to put on sheep just before slaughter was wasteful.


One committee member brought up a comment that five day burning permits for Camp were not long enough and would it be possible to issue a permit for ten days.  Phyl Rendell said that the five day permits would stay because farmers could call the Department of Agriculture and ask for an extension if the burn could not take place during the specified period.


Farming Statistics would be put on hold as they were not ready yet.  When they are ready they should be made public.


There were some stocks of calcified seaweed on farms.  Neil Judd said that there were six farms on the East and some on the West who were spreading it for the Pasture Improvement Programme.  The scheme had two months yet to run.


At the moment the labour scheme’s remit was fencing and painting as well as farm maintenance.  It would be reviewed in the light of the whole camp economy.


The Gross Margin – Cattle is being worked on and Neil Judd said that there was no date set for its culmination but it would be a matter of weeks, perhaps at the end of January 2006.




Health and Medical Services Committee - Tuesday 6th December at 12.15pm in Gilbert House

Education Board - Tuesday 6th December at 8.30am in the Education Office, Ross Road

Housing Committee - Wednesday 7th December at 1.30pm in the Liberation Room, Secretariat

Members of the public can attend but not speak at Committee meetings.

Copies of the Agenda and Reports can be seen in the Secretariat at least three working days before the date of the meeting.





Section 3:




Dockworker/Night security person is required.   Duties include one week on
night security duty, followed by two weeks of barge and dock maintenance
duties, working under the supervision of the Dock Foreman.  A two-year
contract of employment is offered attracting a salary of £10,000/annum +
holiday entitlement.  Commencement date 19th December 2005.

Applications will only be considered from persons who are conscientious
workers, of sober habits, trustworthy, and who possess valid driving

Applications should be submitted in writing to Byron/McKay Port Services, PO
Box 729 Stanley.  Closing date for applications is Friday 16th December

The Vice President of Chichester College, Mr. John Bates, will soon visit the Falklands.  He has particularly asked to meet any ex-students or apprentices who trained at Chichester College and have returned to work in the Falklands.  He would also like to find out how careers have developed and how former students thinks Chichester College can help students and apprentices in the future.  27289.


On Friday, 02 December 2005 another exercise programme session at the KEMH Day Centre.  The 45-minute session will start at 1030 hrs.  Everyone welcome.


The local launch of the Second Edition of “A Visitors Guide to the Falkland Islands”  by Debbie Summers will take place at the Malvina House Hotel on Monday, 05 December 2005 at a function for invited guests.  Also being launched at the venue will be “Birds and Mammals of the Falkland Islands” by Mr. Robin Woods, Mrs. Anne Woods and Mr. Alan Henry.


The Silver Cloud will be calling in to Stanley on the 9th December 2005 (there will be approximately 200 passengers on board). She will be at anchor in Port William.  ETA 0900hrs ETD 1800hrs.  Passengers will be doing shore excursions.


The Norwegian Crown will be calling in to Stanley on the 9th December 2005.  There will be approximately 1100 passengers on board.  She will be at anchor in Port William.  Passengers will be taking shore excursions. ETA 0900hrs ETD 1600hrs, last tender 1530hrs.



Debbie Summers
Tourism Development Manager
Sulivan Shipping Services Limited
Falkland Islands FIQQ 1ZZ



Cable & Wireless would like to inform customers that due to a new numbering range required for the new GSM Mobile Numbering Service, the numbers to call Saddle Computers Help Line have changed to 48001.  And, the Mail Collection Announcement Line has changed to 49001.  Until 01 December 2005, if you ring the old numbers your call will be diverted to the new numbers but after that all calls must be made to the new numbers.  Cable & Wireless apologise for any inconvenience but say this is an essential change to allow the new GSM Mobile Numbering Range to work.


There will be a special Stanley Regatta Event on Saturday, 10 December 2005.  Watch this space for details or call Steve Dent at the Leisure Centre.


Also on the 10th of December the Girl Guides will be singing Christmas Carols at various venues around town during the afternoon from 1400 to 1600.  They will be in fancy Christmas costumes and raising money for the Guide Unit here.  Dig deep everyone!





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