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FINN(COM) Daily Record: Wednesday, 03 August 2005



Compiled by J. Brock (FINN)



Section 1:  News from HQBFSAI


Section 2:  Business News from St. Helena


Section 3:  Relevant Internet News


Section 4:  Announcements


Section 5:  FIBS News Direct


Note:  Many items in News Direct today have been covered in yesterday’s transmission and will not be re-published.





HQBFSAI got the initial call for help at about 0830 as the men were on the way to work.  The call was to rescue a 30 yr old male crewman aboard the Spanish fishing vessel 'Kalatxri'.  He suffered a broken ankle and amputated four of his fingers.  The initial position put the vessel about 50 nm to the North of Stanley in a Sea state 5. The weather was as follows; 400ft cloud base with about 2km visibility and wind from 050 degrees at 35 knots.  The Joint Operations Center at MPA had a Spanish-speaking operator and was able to talk to the vessel throughout to pass instructions.  We got airborne from MPA at 0910 and arrived at the vessel at 1000.  We winched the Winch man down to the bow of the vessel, unfortunately the casualty had been put right down in the lowest part of the ship so the winch man required a stretcher to carry the rather large man up to the top deck for recovery.  Once that had taken place the stretcher was recovered and then the casualty and winch man at the same time.  The winch man had splinted the casualties ankle and dressed his hand (and put his missing fingers in ice!)  The casualty was taken to Stanley hospital and dropped off at 1100.  Once he had been handed over to the hospital staff, we returned to MPA and landed at 1135.


Members of the crew include Captain Fg Off Adam Shipley, Co-Pilot Flt Lt Mark Randall, Radop Sgt Andy Catterall and Winch man Andy Rowlands



All flights between these dates will operate from RAF Fairford.  Passengers are to continue to report to RAF Brize Norton as normal but the latest check-in for all passengers will be 4 hours before departure.  Passengers will then be coached to Fairford.


Passengers arriving late will be shut off the flight.


Any passengers arriving at RAF Fairford directly will be denied access to the unit and told to report to RAF Brize Norton.


Inbound passengers will be coached directly back to RAF Brize Norton for dispersal.

With the delay in transit from RAF Fairford to RAF Brize Norton, civil on-move flights will be booked later in the day than they are currently being.


Further information can be found on the RAF Brize Norton website .




Section 2:




Exciting Times – Nominate Wisely


It is an exciting time to be on St Helena. An airport has been announced and there will be many developments as a result of this; an inward investor framework including new immigration policies are being formulated, and a strategic plan is nearing completion, a Sustainable Development Plan and a new Country Policy Plan are being drawn up; the Island is working towards a set of strategic objectives covering key areas deemed important by the people of the Island. National Vocational Qualifications have also been kick-started and the long awaited Outsourcing Policy will soon be implemented to name a few of the important matters SHG is undertaking.


St Helena is developing and changing, and, it must have a Legislative Council in place to make this happen. It is a matter for the people of St Helena to decide who will sit on Council. You have it in your hands to choose people  who will represent you and make decisions that will determine your future. Therefore you should exercise your democratic right and put forward someone to stand for election.


St Helena needs its people in order to develop. You must know of someone who can stand for election: Someone you think highly of, then start making approaches now. Remember, the Government you get can only be as good as the nominees you put forward.


Public Relations/Information Office: Office of the Chief Secretary, 3 August 2005





Results of Post Office Survey



Earlier this year the Post Office conducted a survey entitled “Doing business with the St Helena Post Office.”


Postmistress, Beverley Francis, said: “This is something we wanted to do for a long time.”


The primary audience was the Post Office customers who make use of the postal and philatelic services on offer. These persons were targeted through the nine sub Post Offices and Government Departments and out of the 211 questionnaires that were issued, 47 were completed and returned.


The most positive comment related to the good customer services provided by staff. There was concern about the length of the queues, and the fact that the services on offer were not advertised at the Post Office Counter. These matters are being looked into.


Customers have made other recommendations and Beverley said that these recommendations will also be taken into consideration with a view to improving the current service.


Staff members have received copies of the results and a meeting took place to discuss the comments that where made. All staff members are now looking at ways in which they themselves can improve the service.


Beverley said “Our ultimate aim is to improve the service delivery that will meet the customer’s needs.” She added that the Post Office is very much focused on providing a good customer service. 


Public Relations/Information Office: Office of the Chief Secretary, 3 August 2005



Improvements with Local Mail Delivery


Earlier this year, the St Helena Post Office announced that it would no longer be delivering international mail. As a result, local mail delivery has improved.


The Postal Service was delivering local and international mail for a number of years, but, with only two postmen and a large bulk of mail, local mail deliveries were taking too long and the Post Office was not meeting its target of getting local mail delivered within three working days.


The new practice has been in operation for about four months with people collecting their international mail from sub post offices at Solomon’s Supermarket in Half Tree Hollow, Mrs Audrey Yon’s Shop in Blue Hill, Solomon’s Shop at Silver Hill, Solomon’s Shop at Sandy Bay, Mrs Doris Yon’s Shop at New Ground, Solomons Shop at Guinea Grass, the Longwood Supermarket, and the Red Hill Shop. Persons wishing to have their mail delivered to a different Sub Post Office can do so by contacting the Post Office in Jamestown.


Postmistress, Beverley Francis, said things are working well and mail is being collected from all of the sub post offices. One of the sub post offices is experiencing minor teething problems but Beverley said the Post Office is looking into this and might be able to provide some assistance with a staff member going to the shop to issue mail at a set time. This is still to be confirmed. In addition, the Post Office will be doing more advertising to let customers know when mail is available.


Beverley said that the Sub Post Offices have been working very hard to ensure that the international mail is distributed to customers. This change has brought about an improvement in the delivery of local mail, as in most cases the Post Office has been able to get all local mail to its destination within three working days. Previously, there were a lot of complaints about local mail being received after the three days, but these complaints have now dropped. In addition to the two postmen, part time sorters have also been assisting with mail deliveries and this has helped to improve the service.


Public Relations/Information Office: Office of the Chief Secretary, 3 August 2005


People And Places Connected to the General Election



Returning and Assistant Returning Officers:


Ethel Yon is the Returning Officer and Carol George and Gillian Francis are the Assistant Returning Officers. Contact any of them if you have any queries about the General Election, or if you need help filling in a nomination form. Their telephone numbers are 2525 for Ethel Yon, 2193 for Gillian Francis and 2470 for Carol George.


Assistant Registration Officers:


Assistant Registration Officers will have blank nomination forms. Contact them if you need a form. The Assistant Registration Officers are:

Alicia Thomas, Michelle Yon, Karen Yon, Connie Johnson, Syrena Ellick, John Lawrence, Maria Yon, Lorrian Yon, Stedson Francis, Harold Francis, Thelma Sim, Anita Legg, Ronald Coleman, Peter Johnson, Priscilla Isaac, Paula Moyce, Brenda Thomas, Jane Augustus, Carol Thompson, Helen Lawrence, Trudi Constantine, Phyllis Coleman, and Dougie Bennett.


Shops and other places:


You can also get Nomination forms from a number of shops and community centres. For the East Electoral Area forms can be collected from the Longwood Supermarket, Clingham’s Store Longwood Road, Mr Brian Fowler’s shop at Levelwood and Solomon’s Shop at Silver Hill.

In the West Electoral Area, forms can be obtained from the Half Tree Hollow Spar, Mrs Doris Yon’s shop at New Ground, Mrs Audrey Yon’s shop at Blue Hill, Solomons’ and Thorpe’s shops at Sandy Bay and the Half Tree Hollow, Kingshurst, Sandy Bay and Blue Hill Community Centres.

Forms can also be obtained from the Returning or the Assistant Returning Officer at the Castle. If you have trouble obtaining a form, contact Carol George and one will be sent to you.


Venues for Nomination Day:


For persons living in the East Electoral Area, Nomination Day will take place at the Jamestown Community Centre.

For persons living in the West Electoral Area, Nomination Day will take place at the Kingshurst, Community Centre.

On this day, the Candidate or his or her Proposer or Seconder should hand in their Nomination Form to the Returning Officer or the Assistant Returning Officers at one of the above venues, according to the Electoral Area he or she is standing for.


Justices of the Peace:


When completing nomination forms, Proposers and Seconders will have to get their signatures witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. The following is a list of JPs on St Helena:

Pat Musk, Eric George, Jenny Corker, Peter Francis, Graham Sim, David Clarke, Patsy Flagg, Dougie Bennett, Harry Legg, Desmond Wade, Barbara George, Peter Yon, Ruth Pridham, Ronald Coleman, Vincent March, Sidney Youde, Colin Yon, Priscilla Thomas, and John Cranfield.


Consent to Stand for Election:


It is important that candidates give their consent in writing to be nominated to stand for Election. This must accompany the Nomination Form when presenting it to the Returning Officer or Assistants at the Nomination Centre.

So, to the electrode of St Helena: make it your personal responsibility to find candidates of your own choice to represent you and your Island’s interest in the Legislative Council. There will be no grounds for you then to be disappointed. If you’re still thinking about it, then you are urged to make up your minds now.


Public Relations/Information Office: Office of the Chief Secretary, 3 August 2005


Press Release



Nomination Day is only a matter of days away and it is hoped that a number of people will stand for Election.


Remember, that this year, Executive Councillors will receive an additional £600 per year compared to what they previously received. This means that Legislative Council will still receive remuneration of £4584 but if someone becomes an Executive Councillor, he or she will receive £6264 per year which is £600 p.a. more than what is currently paid. This increased differential recognises the increase in the number of meetings Executive Council members attend, and the fact that they will be much more accountable and visible in the decision making processes of council committees.


Public Relations/Information Office: Office of the Chief Secretary, 3 August 2005




Section 3:




The MOD reports that the HMS Illustrious has succeeded the HMS Invincible as Fleet Flag Ship.  She will be rededicated on Thursday.  The ceremony will be conducted at sea off Portsmouth.



Section 4:






Falkland Islands Landholdings Corporation, Wednesday, 10 August, 0930, Chamber of Commerce.



Section 5:






Stanley man, Campbell Kirkham, was in Court this morning.  He pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and breaching the peace.  There was also a third charge of criminal damage.  This was withdrawn on the grounds there were exceptional circumstances and that he had offered to replace the damaged item.  The Court heard how, on the night of the 23rd of July, the defendant had been drinking in various bars around town before ending up outside the globe.  An Officer on foot patrol saw him striding in an aggressive manner with clenched fists towards another man.  The Officer heard him shout, “Come on then,” at the other man.  Mr. Kirkham proceeded to shove the Officer, who had intervened.  A second Officer was called to help.  The Court heard that the defendant struggled and shouted, kicked the Police car repeatedly and continued to resist all the way to the police station.  He also managed to free one hand from the cuffs so one of the Officers felt it necessary to trip Mr. Kirkham up.  Ian Warburton, defending, said that his client had no previous relevant convictions and that this behaviour was out of character, adding that alcohol was a significant factor and that this was the first time that Mr. Kirkham had been out drinking since January.


Senior Magistrate, Claire Faulds, said that she had noted his previous good character and gave him credit for apologising to everyone involved.  He was bound over to keep the peace for six months and fined £50.00 resisting arrest plus £70.00 prosecution costs.


Also in Court this morning was Darrel Yon of Stanley.  He pleaded guilty to a charge of speeding and a charge of driving without due care and attention.  Alison Ingles, prosecuting, told the Court how, on the 10th of June, Mr. Yon was driving up Philomel Street behind a Fiat Panda.  He overtook the vehicle even though there was another vehicle pulling out of the junction.  He didn’t drop back but instead continued to overtake at speed.  In an interview, he said his vehicle would have stalled as the Panda had been driving too slowly. 


The Court then heard that on the 11th of June, a mobile Police patrol had been carrying out static speed checks on the Stanley to Darwin Road, when Mr. Yon was recorded as travelling at 52MPH in a 40MPH zone.  When stopped and asked if he knew what the speed limit was, he said that he thought he was only doing 45.  He was fined £150.00 for speeding and £250.00 for driving without due care and attention.  He was also ordered to pay £70.00 prosecution costs.


A trial Date was set in Court this morning for Cherlyn, Julie King.  The date was set for 14 September.  The Senior Magistrate told the Court that an Acting Senior Magistrate has been sworn in and is expected to arrive in the second week of September.  Her bail was continued with the same conditions and Mrs. Faulds said she was not prepared to hear any matters of substance to do with the trial due to her close working relationship with the defendant.




At the end of week 16 in the Stanley Darts League, the Tornadoes have increased their lead to 42 Points.  Rose B have 39 and Otto’s Outlaws, 36.  FI Darts Slingers are still at the bottom of the league but they have now managed to double their points to two.  Spicebergers have three and Hibury Babes, 6.  Tooty Ford’s leading the Mens Back of the Card with 107.  Gary Hewitt and James Lang are equal on legs with 44 each.  Graham Hay is next with 41, Alan Bonner has the most 180s.  In the Ladies league, Maggy Goss is steaming ahead on total Back of the Card with 52, Next, Doshina Harvey and Jane Clement, who have 24.  Maggy also has the most legs.  Sibby Summers has the most Bull Centres and Nora Smith the most 3 dart finishes.




On Tuesday morning there was an RTA outside the Infant/Junior School on John Street.  One vehicle reversed into another causing minor damage and both parties are dealing with the incident via insurance.  Several reports have been received of drivers ignoring the traffic lights at the junction of Ross and Reservoir roads.  Traffic lights should be complied with at all times. 


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