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Jack Horner Ordained as Anglican Priest

The Ordination of Father Jack Horner to the Priesthood



On Sunday, 30th January 2005 at St Paul’s Cathedral, the Reverend Jack Horner was ordained as a Priest in the Church of God by the Lord Bishop of St Helena. The Service was very well attended and there was a deeply spiritual atmosphere for this important moment in Fr Jack’s ministry. He was presented to the Bishop by the Archdeacon-Emeritus, Fr Fred George, and all of the Clergy were present.


The Service was broadcast live on Radio St Helena and many commented on the high standard of the music produced by the Choir and organist for this special day. The Litany was sung by The Reverend Dale Bowers and Lessons were read by Mrs Janice Young and Mr. Arnold Flagg.  The Sermon was preached by Father Christopher Powell OGS.


Father Jack will be working as a self supporting Community priest in the Cathedral Parish of St Paul. He celebrated the Eucharist for the first time on Wednesday 2nd February, the Feast Of Candlemas in the Cathedral.


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