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Governor Hollamby Returns

Governor Hollamby Returns

Governor Hollamby returned on Monday 5 May, from what he described as a very busy trip spent in the United Kingdom and on Ascension Island.

The Governors' Conference is an opportunity once a year to review progress in implementing the Government's 1999 White Paper on the Overseas Territories. Looking at how the partnership was working four years on from the White Paper was a particular focus. The agenda covered a wide range of issues addressed by the White Paper, and Governors and officials discussed progress in implementing the objectives set out in the White Paper.

The Air Access "Prospectus" was launched on 7 April and Governor Hollamby was involved in the media and marketing plan organised by GIC Limited. This included giving interviews to the Times and The Guardian and a trade journal called Global Finance. He also gave radio interviews on the Today programme for BBC 4, Calling the Falklands, and the BBC’s Europe Today. The Daily Mail and a tourism journal also published articles on St Helena. Still focusing on Air Access, His Excellency also delivered a presentation to the British Consultants and Contractors Bureau.

Commenting on the publicity, Governor Hollamby said that he was "very happy" with what was achieved, especially since the SHG UK Representative Kedell Worboys has since received a lot of enquiries, not necessarily about air access, but the Island in general, an indication that in addition to publishing the "prospectus" the publicity raised awareness about the Island.

Having departed the UK, Governor Hollamby spent four days on Ascension, where, for the first time, he chaired an Island Council Meeting. He said: "I thought it was a very productive meeting, and they [the Ascension Island Councillors] were very mature in their business handling." Whilst on Ascension, Governor Hollamby also called on the RAF, the Police Department and the Hospital, and he met with the Administrator’s senior staff, the American Base Commander and Cable and Wireless. His Excellency also visited the Ariane Tracking Station.

Governor Hollamby was also present at the ceremony when Canon Clive Duncan was made Vicar.


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7 May 2003

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