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Falklands Election Results in Mixed Bag for Stanley and Predictable Outcome for Camp


By J. Brock (FINN)

Voters in the Falkland Islands have spoken, and as a result, there is a new eight member Legislative Council. All of the boxes arrived into the counting area by 7:03 pm and after verification, the counting began. Voting turn-out was moderately high in Stanley with 823 voting for councillors, bringing the percentage up to 68.7% and 820 people voted for the referendum which is 68.4%. In Camp. The turn-out was even higher with 250 people voting for Legislative Councillors bringing the percentage up to 82.2% and 248 people voted in the referendum which is 81.6% of the voters. These figures are in contrast to the morbid predictions of low turn-outs that had inundated the press of late.

The results of the referendum were announced at 7:55 pm by Dr. Michael Blanch, the Chief Counting Officer.

Stanley Constituency:

Yes Votes, 395 at 48.2% of the vote No Votes, 409, at 49.9% of the vote

Camp Constituency:

Yes Votes, 61 at24.4% of the vote No Votes, 187 at 74.8% of the vote.

One Candidate, Philip Miller, was called out to fight a fire on the Murrel and was understandably late for the count which was held in the Town Hall. Most of the others, who reported being anything from apprehensive to jittery, gathered in the Town Hall to watch the count.

Meanwhile, drama outside the counting venue, as a burst water main on Shackleton Drive caused havoc, especially for those who thought they would have a good soak while listening to FIBS.

The Camp constituency votes were announced first by John Rowland, the Returning Officer. He said that 674 votes were cast for Camp Candidates. There were three spoiled votes for the Camp constituency. Second came the Stanley vote. 3204 votes were cast and there was only one rejected ballot paper. Rod Tuckwood had to go through the election process even though he withdrew.

The following is a break-down of the votes and the names of those elected to the 2001-2005 Legislative Council:


Michael Summers, 541 Votes John Birmingham,405 Votes Jan Cheek,356 Votes Ian Doherty, 283 Votes Stephen Luxton, 407 Votes, Sharon Halford, 231 Votes, Richard Cockwell, 334 Votes, Kevin Ormond, 101 Votes, June Besley-Clark, 135 Votes Eric Goss, 291 Votes Rod Tuckwood,120 Votes

The elected members to Legislative Council for the Stanley constituency are: Michael Summers, John Birmingham, Jan Cheek, Stephen Luxton, and Richard Cockwell.


Norma Edwards, 179 Votes Roger Edwards, 168 Votes Philip Miller, 92 Votes, Ian Hansen, 89 Votes Richard Stevens, 86 Votes Christopher May, 38 Votes Robin Goodwin, 22 Votes

Norma Edwards, Roger Edwards, and Philip Miller were elected to Legislative Council for the Camp Constituency.

FINN would like to thank FIBS for reporting on the election. Their sterling work resulted in the timely placing of this report on SARTMA.COM.

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